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Friday, February 19, 2010

How To Blog For Dummies

I need one.

I've lost the will to blog and rant about things I like, don't like, appreciate yaddayadda.
Mmmm okay. Let me just.. try doing this. Just thinking and translating those thoughts into finger movements.
I've just watched Nim's Island. Agh.

Wait. I have only five minutes left to use the computer.

I'll continue tomorrow(yeaaah right hahahaha).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HI 2010,

Sorry I'm a wee bit late.

PS: i got my dslr, huhuhu.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Okay so.. update on Australia, for all you loyal readers who bother coming here :'D

Because blogger's old news, huh?

Anyway, my dad's met up with one of him old pals who's migrated here. Uncle Henghai/Tony. Hahah, so far he's placed second on my favourite dad's friends' list. And his house :O

There are like 10 million rooms in the house, and not expecting anything more we stumbled across their yard -yah YARD- not garden. They had the basketball hoop thing so we shot hoops likwhoa :D Managed to get likee 7 in BACKWARDS and was so very proud of myself.
That is, until I found out how tall basketball hoops really were.. lol. Seriously fail.

He has three sons.. yeah i know what you're thinking. I have two sisters, woo fate?

But hah no it isn't because
1. I don't date 11 year olds(Joshua, and he's the oldest)

Seriously! When he did, I was like. O__________O
Me and my sis went all cliche and said "Ewww!" EXACTLY like how men would describe girls in a comic book?
And he just laughed after doing that inanely disgusting thing(I didn't feel comfortable in bed that night). Then it hit me. I really don't know anything about guys. All this while, I kinda treated them like girls, thinking that what I was thinking at the time would be mirrored in their thoughts.
BOY WAS I WRONG! Their minds are COMPLETELY diff! I never knew! I don't have a brother.
Take the farting on my bed thing for instance. If I'd farted on his bed that loud I would be apologising like mad and definitely not laugh, unless he said "Good one!".
Also, I told him not to remove the bookmark in one of my books. After some rough-handling(ahh my book D:) the bookmark was gone and he just went "Oh".
Wow, again, I would be apologising like mad 'cos I don't like getting guys angry. It's so.. foreign :P

Anyway here we go lesson learnt. Don't let boys on your bed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Computer ghost

I was typing something on fb and I was typing so fast(and um, the comp was laggy) that the words were coming long after I'd finish typing 'em.
It looked as if the computer was typing on it's own. Hahah, so I typed:

I was honestly freaked out :- l
Sigh. I am lame.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photo blog!

Mine and zue's :)
These are two separate blogs, not shared between Zu-en and me.
The one on top is hers and the other is mine. Uh. Enjoy!

okay, last one I promise!
....you have to click on the pictures. haha

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google, the genius!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twinkle ♥

The next Hush Puppies model?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Remember what I said about turning into a bat..?

audrey said:
so pweety (L)

- Jeremy Tan - said:
okla HAHA

audrey said:

- Jeremy Tan - says:

audrey says:
you are now a girl.

- Jeremy Tan - says:

audrey says:
*sprinkle fairy dust*

- Jeremy Tan - says:
what A SCAM

audrey says:
congratulations jessica dear!

- Jeremy Tan - says:
*uses my ultra boyish forcefield
*manage to block ur girl dust*

audrey says:
*the girl dust penetrates your lousy boyish sheild because it is not boyish at all*

- Jeremy Tan - says:
*it is it has cool football pics of ARSENAL fabregas gigs pierre..
and anti audrey HAHAHA jking =p

after a bit of normal conversation...

- Jeremy Tan - says:
*farts a cloud full of farty gas* poof ur a boy

audrey says:
*sprays girl perfume on self*
poof imma gurl

- Jeremy Tan - says:
* turns out its fart scented*

audrey says:
*oh shit*

- Jeremy Tan - says:
GOOD u r a guy :D

audrey says:
*puts a gajilion flowery clips on hair*
*wears pink kitten heels*
*reads twilight*

- Jeremy Tan - says:
*omg ur more like a gay now then a girl

audrey says:
*nono, i'm a girl! that's why it isn't gay

and so on :D

Hahaz, jeremy? -___-

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sometimes being a vegetarian sounds sooo good :P

OK, I'm going to be ranting now, be prepared :)

First of all, foie gras. If you didn't know, foie gras a delicacy in French and is made of duck liver. That alone is disgusting! Why would anyone eat organs?! Besides skin, but that's where all the meat is, so, LIVER? WHY?

Anyway, a duck's liver is pretty small, so yeah, not much of a meal. Just how do humans solve this problem? Instead of avoiding eating liver, they go against nature(LIVER IS NOT TO BE EATEN, obviously, THAT'S WHY IT'S SMALL) and try.. enlarging the bloody thing.

How do you make your liver larger?
By eating fatty stuff. Lots and lots of cholestrol.

How do you get a duck to eat large amounts of fat?
By stuffing a tube down the poor thing's throat and sending fats straight to it's stomach.

People who can't eat properly may use that method, but it's voluntary, and they do so because they're hungry, not so they can have their liver all nice and juicy for horrible, horrible, unsatisfied people who actually eat them. Imagine,

Idiotic Prick: Mmm, I'm glad a duck suffered so I could fill my belly with its liver, when I
could've eaten a nice chicken.

And I don't know about you, but when my dad mentioned the tube and duck, I started tearing a little. I was imagining like, this white duck struggling to escape and having the tube stuffed roughly into its mouth. *chokes*
Ducklings! *cries*

And, another animal cruelty, people in China(surprised, anyone?) eat animals while they're still alive. What're they, barbarians? At least even cavemen bothered killing the animal before eating them.

I saw a video of this fish breathing after being fried and poked at with chopsticks by stupid perky tv hosts. If I didn't know any better I would be wtf-ing now.

Arghhh. I feel so helpless. What can I do? This is happening all over the world, and who would listen?

Yes, animals are for us to eat, to keep to ecosystem balanced and etc. But is torture really necessary? Does it appeal to you, and trigger your appetite? If it does, you are one sick bast-

Sadly this was discussed during dinner. urk :(

One more thing. Shakira's music video, She-Wolf?
EW. And I watched it with my parents and 8 year old sister.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

♫ yours would look better than mine cos you're outta my league

Holidays are bad despite how much I love it. :(
I woke up at FOUR P.M. yesterday. That's right! And because I woke up at 10 today, I kept yawning and blinking alot. I think, I'm going to become a bat pretty soon. Waking up in the evening and sleeping in the day(slept at four yesterday).
And then I'm going to go blind! Like a bat?

And if you haven't noticed, holidays are lazyfying me. See, I don't even bother typing out "making me lazy", I actually created my own word. And ended up typing even more hahaha :b

As an example I didn't shower yesterday. I showered today, at 3 am. WHATTHERHECK MANN

I didn't even bother updating my blog... Sorry blog.
But. Here I am?


So.. updates!
1. I found this pretty cool website: click me!

2. I flew a kite on my own! Then it flew away and now I have no desire to fly kites :( After that abandonment... [gay]I don't think I could take it anymore.[/gay]

3. I've finished watching all the Friends episodes(that Ryan didn't lose anyway)

4. I love Kevjumba.

5. Facebook is fun.

6. Blogging isn't. Not reaallyy :b

7. A cold caught me. Tissues everywhere, and my sneezes could probaly be used as millitary weapons because they are explosive! (haha. -.-)

8. FINALLY watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.(srsly? I waited that long to wait some more?)

9. Have the Up, Transformers 2, The Proposal, Harry Potter 6, Orphan(nononono) dvds now.

Oh yeah, and I want to watch 500 Days of Summer! The guy reminds me of xiann alot :D He has that long oval face too, haha.

So, yay, blogged! *claps*

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Thursday, September 10, 2009

:( woof

I just saw the same stray dog I fed last year still roaming around :(
Why are some people so mean?! Aaand, I was so excited I ran out barefoot, wooh. Do I love animals or what.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dearest Maternal (L)

My mum woke me up from my nap by tickling my armpits and squishing my lips together. Which woke me up immeadiately and since it made her laugh I found it funny too :D
I think I should be really thankful that I have this awesome mum who zings me the way a friend would, aha.
Like when I was supposed to be revising, I started talking about a newspaper article about how to grow heavier and she went like, "Yes it also says to keep quiet and do your work."
No one bosses me around like that! Except, y'know, mum :p

English test results!
I was seriously dying, trying not to explode with extreme arrogance D: oh it's so hardddd.
But when Pn. Tan mentioned the word Audrey and highest in class, HONESTLY? I really felt like screaming as some of you could tell, 'cos my face looked really neutral and my eyes were kinda bugging out from the repressed exclaim.

And hah, I'm probaly typing this to no one, since you readers have given up coming here after my one month absence :(

*must go study science now*
*has transformed into Super Studious Audrey*


Monday, September 7, 2009

I love...

• eating chocolate without having to share with anyone.(Yes, now you know you're friends with a greedy pig who goes by the name Audrey :p Oh but hello, who isn't when it comes to chocolate? Seriously?

• The after shower feel. And smell. I smell very nice after shower :D owned is what the germs who thought they could set up residence on me are.

• When Twinkle(umm my dog) scratches at the door, so that she can come in to be pet by me.Especially when she starts whining when she realises it's locked. Ha ha silly dog ;p

• My new gigantic fridge.

Ok the end of that.

I'm quite happy with my results this time tho sejarah leaves much to be desired GAHHH, screwit :(

Aaand! The past drama is finally settling and I'm definetly feeling happier than I have been for weeks. But a moment of silence for this friend who rocks but only to me and a few other people. I'm sorry I can't be there for you dude :(

Ok I'm actually doing sejarah now, and mum's getting hissy, so tata, and HAH I blogged!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm on the net. And for this reason, I forgive the school for making us do projects.

Er, so what's there to blog about? What are blogs really for? Places to store random thoughts? I can't randomize my thoughts while I'm typing because it's like when you tell yourself, "Don't think about... your tortoise.", you automaticly do.
I guess the best way to think about random stuff is when you're bathing. Thing is, the thoughts all rush in, and I forget 'em as soon as a new thought enters. I need waterproof Post-Its.

I think I'm gonna choke.

Oh, Friday! was a very unproductive day. Oh yes, the good intentions were all there. Supposed to go hangout at Mosquito Park with Jerri after CF to study(YEAH, I KNOWW!) but ended up studyin'(if you can call it that) for an hour.
1/4 studying and 1/4 playing on swings 2/4 gossiping

We ended up in Atria for an hour+ maybe? searching for snacks and a gift for my mummy's b'day. Actually I think I sped up or time there compared to the time Jerrica would spend in Giant alone. Every food aisle we passed brought a reaction out of her.

Jerrica :Ooooh Mars, so long since I've eaten Mars...
Audrey: Yeah, but we don't need it.
Jerrica: Mmmm yeah... O my freaking gosh, TWISTIES!

Ookay, better end this now. The TMnet's being unstable so I have to grab the few seconds of a stabilized line. GO GO GO!

Till the next time I stumbe across this precious gift of the internet!